Vegan Recipes for This Thanksgiving

What are some additional ways we can improve our carbon waste? We didn’t have to look any further than our dining table.

If one person were to go vegan, their carbon footprint would decrease by 1.5 tons annually.[1] And if every American dropped one meal with chicken a week from their diet, it would save the same amount of CO2 emissions as taking 500,000 cars off the road.[2] Pretty impressive, right?

Even if going totally vegan isn’t for you, there are many dishes that are easily made without any animal products — so where better to start than our Thanksgiving meal? So here are some of our recommend vegan Thanksgiving swaps, for those who love the holiday but want to be more conscious of the planet.

Mashed potatoes

Ah, the fluffy, starchy foundation of any Thanksgiving plate. Traditionally, this dish contains considerable amounts of dairy and, occasionally, cooks have been known to use chicken broth as well. But to make a vegan version, you only need to substitute some pantry staples. Instead of butter, use vegan butter substitute, like Earth Balance or even olive oil. Cream is easily swapped for a plant-based milk, like almond, cashew or rice.
Find recipe here.


Stuffing is easily made vegan by swapping out the chicken broth for veggie. Pro-tip: veggie broth is easily made at home, meaning you can cut down on packaging, and many recipes call for a base made of vegetable odds-and-ends that would have ended up in the trash. So save your carrot peelings, celery and onions, whip up a batch of veggie broth, and get your stuffing table-ready.
Find recipe here.

Cranberry sauce

Honestly, this was probably already vegan, so give yourself a pat on the back for having at least one vegan dish on your table every year! That said, if you want a little refresher, we have just the recipe for you. Packed with the perfect amount of tang and pop, this goes perfectly with either turkey or Tofurkey — whichever you choose.
Find recipe here.

Pumpkin pie

Vegan pumpkin pie is not much different from your standard pumpkin pie — you just need to create a vegan pie crust as your base. The main swaps are coconut oil for butter and that you omit eggs in the filling, instead using coconut milk to offer the rich and creamy texture. For amateur and professional bakers alike, this vegan dessert is easy to bring to the table.
Find recipe here.

By making these simple kitchen swaps, you'll have a positive impact on the planet -- while keeping all your favorite dishes on the table.


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