Green is the New Pink

Haven’t you heard that green is the new pink for this upcoming, loving holiday? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Make sure when you say when you “I love you” to your valentine that it’s as eco-friendly as your heart desires!

  • Give organic and locally-grown flowers. Not only are you supporting the environment, but you’re also supporting the local economy. Ask out your local florist or floral department at the nearest grocers for these beautiful flowers.
  • Indulge in organic chocolates and wine. Take an additional second to search for the most eco-friendly packaging for these delectable treats! Cruise through markets like Whole Foods to pick up these sweet things.
  • Shop online for that special someone so you don’t have to waste gas driving from store to store in search of that perfect little something.
  • Send an e-card or an eco-friendly recycled card.  Valentine’s Day is the second largest greeting card holiday in America, participate by sending your loved one an e-card where no paper was used or simply choose a tree-free card when picking one out.
  • Make your own little perfect gift for your valentine from something around the house. Perhaps a craft from Pinterest? Remember it’s the heartfelt effort that matters.
  • Eat at a local restaurant to support local farmers and to cut down on the miles. To cut down on even more miles, consider a nice and cozy home-cooked meal from the comfort of your own home.

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