University of Texas Energy Poll Shares Consumer Insights: How do you compare?

Results of the first-ever The University of Texas at Austin Energy Poll, a comprehensive survey of U.S. public opinion on energy topics, have just been published.  Highlights from the poll, which surveyed more than 3,400 consumers, include:

  • Less than 14 percent of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction on energy
  • 84 percent were worried about U.S. consumption of oil from foreign sources and 76 percent about a lack of progress in developing better ways to use energy efficiently and develop renewable sources
  • Only 24 percent of consumers consider themselves knowledgeable about energy issues, but most are eager to learn more

You can learn more about the poll and see the results here:

One notable finding was that 80% of respondents are either very or somewhat interested in learning more about how to reduce their own energy use.  If that describes you, we can help!  Green Mountain Energy Company offers energy efficiency tips through our Energy Saver Center and through the Energy Saving section of this blog.

Another finding I found particularly interesting was the fact that in the next 5 years, 30% of respondents are likely to own a hybrid vehicle and 21% are likely to install solar panels at home.  Do these numbers surprise you?  We’re curious about whether you already do either of these…leave us a reply in the Comments section below!

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