Treat Your Cold and Flu Symptoms Naturally with 5 Home Remedies

Cold and flu season is blowing in, so we wanted to share five natural home readies, in case any unwanted germs come your way. Remember that rest and liquids are best when it comes to treating a cold or the flu.

  1. Put steam to good use.
    When our sinuses get the better of us, turn to a steam treatment to help ease your congestion. Put some eucalyptus oil into a bath, on the wall of your shower, or even into a pot of boiling water and let yourself breathe in the steam
  2. Citrus is a natural cold buster.
    When you start to feel the first signs of a cold, you may want to try increasing your citrus intake. Add lemon to your hot tea or grab a tangerine for an afternoon snack to give your body a vitamin C boost for immune support.
  3. Give gargling a go.
    You can give your sore throat some relief by gargling. It helps keep the throat moistened. WebMD® suggests dissolving 1 teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water, four times daily.
  4. Cool down your fever.
    Use ice packs wrapped in a towel or just moisten the towel with cold water. Place on your forehead or back of your neck to help feel cooler.
  5. Add vitamins and supplements to the mix.
    Zinc can reduce the length of a cold. Studies show that when taken within 24 hours of symptoms, it can decrease the duration of a cold by about a day.

    Honey with lemon water can help relieve coughing.

    Menthol is found in vapor rubs and can help improve sleep by opening breathing passages.

If you do fall victim to a pesky cold this year, hop into bed, take frequent naps, drink lots of liquids and try some of our home remedies. Use the downtime to learn about the benefits of clean energy. We think it’s a great way to boost the planet’s immune system. And we’ve got plenty of clean electricity plans that are powered by 100% natural wind and solar energy.

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