Top 12 Reasons We Love Nest

We all know that saving energy is important, but sometimes energy efficiency isn’t the exciting, glamorous topic that gets the front page headlines.  But all that’s changed now that we’ve partnered with Nest – saving energy never looked this good!

We asked the Green Mountain family why they love their newly-installed Google Nest Learning ThermostatTM.   The responses go to show that the Nest is much more than a thermostat.

  1. I love my Nest because it’s a little piece of “cool” on my wall and not just a beige box that I overlook. As a result, I’m more conscientious about how and when I use energy, and that benefits both my bank account and the environment.  --Helen
  2. Changing the temperature at 3am while lying in bed has never been easier!! –-Craig
  3. I love the Nest for everything it isn’t – clunky, hard to use, only for the hard core energy geeks (which admittedly I am). It’s so simple and aesthetically pleasing that I’ve even convinced my parents and my in-laws to get one. In all, I’ve influenced a handful of households to get on the Nest bandwagon. --Jennifer
  4.  I love that Nest has become like another housemate. Every time I walk into the house or it lights up as I walk by, I say, “Hi, Nest!” --Katie
  5. It’s surprisingly made us more active and out doing stuff.  When we see that the AC was on for 13+ hours on a weekend day, we make a more conscious effort to go out in the sun the following weekend. –-Reiko
  6. I can secretly override my husband’s temperature settings when he thinks I’m just checking email on my phone. –-Sherren
  7. The “time to” indicator is great.  Before, I used to turn the temp way down hoping it would cool the house sooner.  It’s taught me that behavior is counterproductive – colder temp setting doesn’t mean it’ll get cooler sooner.  –-Reiko
  8. A nuestra familia le encanta el nido porque es como tener a papa en casa diciéndonos a cada rato que necesitamos ahorrar energía y apagar el aire. (Our family loves the nest because it's like having dad around at all times telling us to turn up the air to save energy)  --Sara
  9. I love the simplicity of the interface – Nest tells me just what I need to know, and no more.  Speaking of simple, I was ecstatic that the screwdriver came in the box so I didn’t have to find the right size! --Sherren
  10. I’ve always been the enforcer of energy efficiency around the house, but now Nest does the work for me.  It’s like a personal energy assistant, making life easier.  And seeing that green Leaf pop up reminds me that my home is in good hands.  –-Lauren
  11. I have had a programmable thermostat for the last 15 years and, as much as they like to say they are easy to program, they are not.  I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent looking for the instruction manual only to find that it wasn’t very helpful.   But the Nest is easy to install (it took me 15 minutes) and even easier to use.  You can set and adjust your schedule from your iPhone or iPad and it also then learns your habits and adjusts itself when you’re away. Very slick. --Paul
  12. I love that Nest welcomes me home! It was “away” while I was on a road trip and I turned it on from my phone when I headed back. Walking into a cool home after a loooong drive was something I could never do before. –-Katie

What’s your reason to love the Nest?  Share with us below, or tag #GreenMountainEnergy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram. See what some customers are saying here.

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