This July, Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month

Summertime means heat and sunshine for many areas around the country. Of the estimated 29 billion gallons of water used daily by households in the United States, nearly 9 billion gallons, or 30%, is devoted to outdoor water use, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In the summer months, a household’s outdoor water use can be as high as 70 percent.

You might be wondering how you can conserve the precious blue resource while enjoying fun in the sun.

This July marks the 10th annual Smart Irrigation Month. The Irrigation Association created the Smart Irrigation Month initiative to help increase awareness of the value of efficient water use – and the growing demand for water-saving products, practices and services.

If you’re choosing clean energy to power your home, you’re using less water than those who choose energy created by other sources.

Electricity made from conventional sources requires a lot of water to produce. Plus, it takes quite a bit of energy to collect, treat and distribute clean water. We call this the energy-water nexus.

However, it doesn’t take any water to produce electricity made from the wind.

We recognize that there’s a bigger picture when it comes to protecting the environment and we’re always looking for ways to live more sustainably.

To further green up your lifestyle, Green Mountain has partnered with Rachio because we know saving water at home is important, too.

What is the Rachio™ Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller?

The Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller can maintain your lawn watering schedule for you – think smart irrigation made easy. It automatically adjusts for changes in weather and seasonality, using as little water as possible while keeping your landscape looking its best.

The Rachio Iro is EPA WaterSense certified, so rebates are available nationwide.

Check out Rachio’s products on our Specialty Store. If you’re a Texas resident, choose 100% wind energy with Pollution FreeTM WaterSaver plan with Rachio Iro and receive a free Rachio Iro smart sprinkler controller for your automatic sprinkler system. The plan is aimed to help you save money and protect the environment.

Don’t have a lawn to water? We can help you save H2O, indoors, too. Learn more.

Find more smart water usage and #SmartIrrigation tips from the Irrigation Association on Twitter: @IrrigationAssoc

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