The Season of Supplies Is Blowing In

Have you noticed the large displays of pens, backpacks and paper popping up in stores? It’s the time of year when everyone is stocking up on their favorite supplies for school, for home and for the office.

Gathering up all those goodies is exciting because of the variety of styles, colors and textures that speak to your senses. It’s important to remember your green sixth sense, though, and to stay environmentally friendly when getting all the new gear.

  • When your tummy starts rumbling midday, be sure you’re using a lunch box and not a paper bag to carry your chow. There are a variety of bags and totes that feature upcycled and natural materials, along with containers that are nontoxic and BPA-free.
  • For the computer or tablet that you lug around, watch for totes and backpacks that are eco-friendly and have recycled materials. Many newer models are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
  • Stay sharp when it comes to pencil purchases, and make sure they are made from recycled materials. TreeSmart sells pencils made out of rolled-up newspapers.
  • Whether your paper purchases are for your printer, your school notebooks or the office copy machine, look for paper made from 100% post-consumer fibers, and try to find paper that’s been processed “chlorine-free.”
  • View binders are a must for quarterly presentations, book reports and even homemade cookbooks. Look for ones that use post-consumer recycled content and that are PVC- and vinyl-free.
  • Having a beverage handy at home, in the classroom or at the conference room table is a must. Ensure you are reaching for a reusable bottle and not a disposable, single-serve option.
  • Getting to school activities, sporting events, work appointments or client meetings means added emissions in the air. Ask your co-worker, friend or teammate to hop in the car with you. You’ll enjoy getting the extra time to catch up while reducing the number of cars on the road.

Want to start shopping for some of these eco-items? Check out The Ultimate Green Store for planet-friendly school supplies and TheGreenOffice to minimize your ecological footprint while at work.

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