The Right Morning Routine Can Make Way for a Productive Day

If you’re looking to bring productivity to your daily routine, kick-start your day the right way. Strive for rise-and-shine habits that center and prepare you. Morning activities should inspire positivity from within to give you a ready and willing spirit for what’s headed your way.

Get to it
When the alarm goes off, get up. Stop lying in bed, procrastinating on starting the day or wishing you had more time to sleep. Throw the covers off and tell yourself, “You’ve got this!”

Before reaching for that cup of coffee, drink water to rehydrate after sleeping so long. Water is an essential nutrient for each and every cell in your body. Did you know your body is composed of 60% water? It helps your brain, your muscles, your joints and so on. Don’t forego this important step.

You can’t argue with science. Getting your endorphins going is an incredible pick-me-up. Endorphins trigger energetic and positive feelings. WebMD reminds us that regular exercise reduces stress, keeps feelings of anxiety and depression at bay, boosts self-esteem and improves sleep.

Picking an outfit—keep it simple
Let those creative juices flow for a task that really needs it. Try having some staple outfits as go-to looks or being known for keeping it basic and adding flair with accessories. (Men, yes, that’s for you, too. Think about socks, watches, ties, etc.) Plus, do you really want to risk getting frustrated so early in the morning? Remember that you’re supposed to start your day with positivity.

Eat breakfast
Give your body the energy it needs. You’ve just had a long rest, and you need to refuel. Kick-starting your metabolism with breakfast helps you burn calories throughout the day. And it gives you the energy you need to stay focused so you can accomplish all that you need to do.

Do something that makes you happy
If reading is your thing, or playing air guitar in the mirror pumps you up, then do it! Carve out enough time at the start of your day to do something that lifts your spirits and speaks to your soul. It’ll boost your morale, spark enthusiasm for the day and give you a raring-to-go mindset for tackling whatever comes your way.

morning-routine-2.jpg Tomorrow’s the day for rising and shining the right way. Use these tips to establish healthy habits for your morning routine. You should notice an uptick in your energy level and capacity to get stuff done.

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