Sustainable Halloween Costume Inspiration

Did you know that 84% of unwanted clothes in the United States either went into a landfill or an incinerator? That amounts to about 70 lbs. of textile waste per person per year. Yikes!

In the interest of making better use of our closet and not purchasing an outfit that will only get one or two wears, we made this Halloween both spooky and sustainable — with costumes composed of clothes we already owned and recyclables. Take a look at the creepy, curious costumes we came up with!

sustainable-hallowen-costume-inspiration2.jpg Scuba Diver

We kitted out this DIY diver with a handful of recyclables and spare household items! This costume is made with pipe cleaners, used water bottles and various plastic containers, and we also used workout leggings and a black shirt to compose the makeshift wetsuit. Add flippers to really complete the look!

sustainable-hallowen-costume-inspiration3.jpg Jellyfish

Bubble wrap gets a second life with our sinister jellyfish costume. The headpiece uses a plastic serving tray as a base, with tape, pipe cleaners and bubble wrap coming together to make the tentacles. Pro tip: After Halloween passes, this entire costume can be deconstructed and put back into use around the house.

sustainable-hallowen-costume-inspiration4.jpg Fire Truck

With the base made with cardboard and straps made from pipe cleaners, this little red engine is ready to hit the streets in pursuit of tricks and treats. A bonus option to accessorize might be rain boots that could serve as footwear or maybe even a canine stuffed animal to ride along in the passenger’s seat!

While these options were all created with items we found around the house, we also encourage eco-conscious trick-or-treaters to hit their local thrift stores to look for secondhand costumes. Often, you can find clothing items that are gently used or sometimes never worn, and perfect for a night of spooky revelry.

Show us how you keep Halloween spooky and sustainable on social at @greenmtnenergy. We can’t wait to see your inventive and eerie attire!

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