Stay Powered Up

Losing power is so much more than being without lights. It could mean loss of food, communication and a host of other uncertainties. That’s why it’s important to have clean and sustainable backup power for those occasional unplanned events and the planned ones, too. Whether it’s travel- or weather-related, planned or unplanned, there’s a sustainable solution that’ll keep you up and running at home or on the go.

Looking to keep your phone, tablet or camera powered and ready to go at all times? Then a solar power bank is what you need to stay charged up. Solar power banks are portable, affordable and convenient in situations where electricity is scarce. You’re able to charge up anytime, anywhere as long as the sun is shining.

Maybe a fishing or camping trip is on the horizon, or you just want to be prepared for possible power outages and weather-related events. If so, a portable solar-powered generator may be the way to go. You’ll find that this category of generators is lighter in weight, making it easier to pack, store and take on the road. The wattage capacity is generally lower than a home backup generator, but it can still power small appliances, portable TVs and smart phones for periods of time. They can be charged through a car adapter or an AC outlet, making this an easy way to ensure you have uninterrupted power while on the go.

Is a storm brewing or do you need to hop off the grid to conserve power? Then a good choice would be a solar backup generator. This category of generators is ideal for keeping lights, televisions and computers up and running during weather-related events or power outages — and they’re a greener alternative to traditional gas-powered generators.

Solar backup generators, unlike their gas and diesel counterparts, are silent and don’t emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and aren’t linked to carbon monoxide poisoning and explosions. They are a safer, more efficient option that saves money on fuel while still checking all the right green boxes.

There’s a large selection of clean and sustainable solar-powered solutions out there, so be sure to choose wisely. You can check out Goal Zero — one of our trusted partners and an industry leader in the portable energy space.

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