Spruce up Your Home the Sustainable Way

  1. Ready to freshen up things up at home? Spring’s here, so you might be looking to change things up with new décor or a pop of color. Repurposing is also a smart way to declutter and tidy up the house.

Refresh your space the sustainable way. Use flowers, organic or recycled fabrics, or furniture made from natural materials—or repurpose what you already have—to brighten up your place, de-clutter and take it easy on the planet.

Repurpose to mix things up

You probably had to purchase a few extras for your holiday gatherings, and now you’ve got leftovers. Use these tips for reusing what’s lying around the house.

Empty glass bottles

  1. Partially fill with sand or small pebbles to use as a bookend or pop of color on a bookshelf (the blue glass bottles really pop when accented with light).
  2. Paint them with pastels. They’ll make great springtime vases and gifts for Mother’s Day!
  3. Add color to your flower beds or outdoor entry path. Dig about eight inches down and bury neck first. Now you’ve got a way for capturing glints of sunlight and adding pizazz to your yard.

Holiday cards

  1. Cut out the festive messages or designs and use as decorative accents on next year’s gifts. You can task the kids with carrying out this springtime project.
  2. Use as découpage for a holiday memory box. It’s a great way to relive the holidays when you’re looking for a pastime this spring.
  3. Use as a mailing label when you need to send a package. Important note: This only works if one side is blank or a solid color.

Leftover paper goods and party trays

  1. Napkins come in handy for school lunches and spring break road trips.
  2. Party plates and dishes work well for picnics while enjoying the springtime sunshine.
  3. Goodie plates and treat trays make good plant saucers in your backyard.
Freshen things up with florals

 Flowers add the perfect amount of color and brightness to your home. Check out the sustainable way for purchasing and displaying these vibrant blooms.

  1. Know how, when and where to purchase seasonal flowers so you aren’t adding harm to the environment. 8 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Sustainable Flowers has you covered for tips and resources on how to do just that, along with original ways to create the perfect arrangement.
  2. The china you used during your holiday dinners might still be lying around. Try filling the cup and saucer with a small floral bouquet and use as a centerpiece or even as a place setting if you’re hosting a baby shower or brunch.
  3. Want to give extra life to those salt and pepper shakers you had to buy for the multiple tables at Thanksgiving? Empty them out and place small-stemmed flowers in the holes on top—very dainty and petite.
Spruce it up with home décor

When looking for a new piece of furniture, wall art, pillow or throw, it’s important to look for eco-friendly products.


  1. Think about the long run. Buy a quality piece that will last instead of having to replace it every few years.
  2. Purchase from a vintage or resale shop. Give a little TLC to that perfect find to make it new again. And the bonus is that you can restain or repaint it to make it work for your space and reflect your personality.
  3. Find companies that use recycled or ethically sourced materials. The blog 11 Eco-Friendly Décor Brands That Are Actually Chic has a good list of eco-conscious products that are out there.

Wall art

  1. Your kids are quite the artists, so find some of your favorites to frame. It’s a great way to boost their confidence and add some special memories to your space.
  2. Look for pieces that are handcrafted or use recycled metal and glass.


  1. Watch for natural, organic and nontoxic fibers. Find product lines that keep the planet in mind.
  2. Search Pinterest or Etsy and use “eco-friendly linens.” You’ll find more furnishings and ideas for sprucing up your linens in a planet-friendly way.

Changing up your space in a sustainable way can be easy. Using your imagination and creativity, along with helpful tips from the experts—ahem, that would be us—can put you on the path to a more sustainable home.

For more reading about greening your lifestyle and making eco-friendly upgrades to your special place, check out the blogs 5 Ways to Give Your Home an Eco-Friendly Upgrade, Stop Waste by Reusing, Repurposing and Upcycling and 7 Ways to Live Greener.

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