Spread Joy with Sustainable Holiday Cards

How many holiday cards will you be sending out this year? Sending cards tops most to-do lists during the holidays with 7 billion cards being mailed each year in the United States alone. While we know it brings a lot of joy to share photos and greetings via cards, it can also have an impact on the planet.

From splashes of glitter and streaks of glue to stamps, dyes and inks, the materials that make up holiday cards come with a hefty carbon footprint. So, how can you cut down on harmful cards this holiday season? Read on for three great ways to keep the tradition alive — sustainably.

1) Every order equals a planted tree.

At paperculture.com, each order comes with a promise that a tree will be planted where they’re needed most — locally, nationally or globally. And on top of the newly planted tree, each card is made of post-consumer waste and wood alternatives, so no trees are harmed in the making of these cards either.

2) Every order grows a garden.

Botanicalpaperworks.com turns your holiday greetings into a planting activity. Your heartfelt card is created from post-consumer, plantable paper embedded with seeds. After your loved one plants the card, it biodegrades, and the seeds start to germinate. Your special greeting grows into veggies, herbs or wildflowers — with nothing harmful left behind.

3) Every order fills up an inbox.

Looking to create custom cards without the waste? Greenvelope.com provides personalized cards sans paper. Each festive card is sent via email with options like music, family photos or your own custom designs. No paper. No pollution. No harming the planet. Plus, a portion of every sale goes to nonprofits that work to build a greener future.

Want more ways to enjoy the season sustainably? Check out our blog post for holiday upcycling ideas — like how to make eco-friendly wrapping paper and holiday décor.

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