Special Gifts for Your Family, Friends, and the Earth

The prospect of visiting family over the holidays can be daunting, and the task of finding them the perfect gifts can only add to your stress level.  Fortunately, BlueAvocado® offers the functional family you always wanted with stylish, eco-friendly bags that fit together to create perfect on-the-go kits to suit anyone’s lifestyle.

BlueAvocado is an Austin, TX-owned, sustainable lifestyle products company, offering a range of beautifully-designed shopping, travel, and lunch bags that reduce everyday waste by replacing disposable items, like plastic bags.  All BlueAvocado kits are washable, include a carbon impact label and footprint, and are made from recycled plastic bottles, so you’re practicing the 3 R’s with each use. Who wants to lug those plain canvas totes to the market when you can shop sustainably and make a fashion statement, too?!

From now through December 30, 2012, BlueAvocado is offering all Green Mountain customers a special holiday promotion when you shop online at blueavocado.comreceive a 25% discount off any item with the code “cleanertimes25”. To receive your order before Christmas Day, be sure to place your order online before December 18, 2012.

By using BlueAvocado products, shoppers are able to avoid over 1000 plastic bags annually and nearly 25 pounds of CO2 emissions.  Give your loved ones the gift of style and sustainability this holiday season!

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