Six Ways to Say Yes to the Planet

Living greener doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out six ways to show the Earth some love with minimal effort.

Being a foodie and helping the planet can go hand in hand. When eating out, support restaurants that source their ingredients locally and sustainably.

Give back to those in need while cutting down on landfill waste by dropping off your gently used clothing at a homeless shelter or donation center.

Did you know over 600 species of marine animals are impacted directly by plastic pollution? By recycling, you can help protect our oceans and its creatures.1

Encourage your team at the office to stop printing documents for meetings. Bring your laptop and put that handy dry-erase board to use more often.

Keep a few stylish reusable bags in your car for all of your future shopping trips. This small swap can save 170 plastic bags from being used every year.2

Choosing clean electricity is one of the easiest ways to say yes to the planet. We’ve got you covered with wind and solar electricity plans to power your place.

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1 Marine life statistic:
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