Simple Tips for Snapping Perfect Outdoor Pics

Capturing the moment is an all-important part of your summer travels, especially when you are taking in all that Earth has to offer. Snapping a gorgeous outdoor vacation pic doesn’t require you to be a professional photographer.

Use these easy tips to create interest and appeal in your vacation selfies and snapshots:

  1. Avoid the center. You can bring your subject to life by moving it to the left or to the right of the center of your picture.
  2. Use gridlines. Access this feature from your phone’s camera. Place points of interest along the intersections and lines to create balance and a more natural interaction for viewers.
  3. Keep it simple. Choose one interesting subject. And fill the frame with some negative space to help the subject stand out. 
  4. Get perspective. Find an interesting angle or an unexpected perspective to create depth and height illusions.
  5. Capture the detail. Get a close-up of color or texture to help bring life to your photo. Try not to zoom in, as you’ll distort the resolution—it’s best to be physically closer to your subject.
  6. Create symmetry. Whether through reflections, architecture or natural elements, creating an impression of mirrored halves is compelling and pleasing to the eye.
  7. Have fun. Use color blocking, editing and different lenses to experiment and find what grabs your attention. Taking photos of beauty found in the great outdoors helps you appreciate all that Earth gives to us. Make a green promise to help keep air clean by choosing electricity powered from renewable sources, like the sun and wind. And share your outdoor vacation pics with us using #DearEarth!

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