Save on your summer energy bill

After the record-breaking winter we’ve had, it seems like the blazing heat of summer - and the high electricity bills that come along with it - are a distant memory. But don’t be fooled:

Summer is coming.

Why is it that every year we are shocked by an extremely high summer bill? I remember I literally gasped when I got my June bill last year because it had nearly doubled since May. By August, it had tripled.

So why do our bills skyrocket so much during the summer?

There are, of course, a number of reasons. One possibility is that the kids are on summer break, and all the TVs, video game consoles, and lights are on in every room. Kids are adorable, and we love them very much, but our children just tend to use a lot of electricity when they’re home. Teaching them to conserve electricity will help prepare them to be future eco-champions…not to mention help you keep your electricity bill down.

The reality is that cooling our homes is the main cause for high summer bills. When the temperature outside is much higher than the temperature we want it to be inside, our air conditioners work extra hard to keep us cool. This can cause double and triple the bill amounts we see when we don’t use the air conditioner as much.

But you can take control!

Often, just adjusting your thermostat up a couple of degrees will make a big difference. A Google Nest Learning Thermostat™ is a great way to remotely control your home’s temperature settings and manage your usage. Learn more about our Pollution Free™ Efficient with Nest plan. Looking for simple, inexpensive ways to improve efficiency? Make sure your windows, doors, and air ducts are sealed, and simply close your window shades in the day time. Check out our Energy Saver Center for more tips!

You can also give our friendly Customer Care team a call to ask about average billing - a plan that helps smooth out the amount of your electric bills during the year. If you haven’t already locked in a fixed rate plan, we can let you know about our competitively priced, pollution-free plan options as well!

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