Road-Tripping the Planet-Friendly Way

You probably have a road trip or two planned for the summer. Maybe you want a change in scenery (and weather!) or have a family reunion to attend or have planned an outdoor excursion to one of our national parks—it is the perfect time to explore Earth’s scenic views.

As you hit the open road, do your part to keep the skies clean and clear by improving your driving efficiencies.

  1. Minimize idling. When parked, turn off your car if you will be waiting more than 10 seconds, so you aren’t wasting fuel. road-tripping-the-planet-2.jpg
  2. Pack light. Rooftop luggage racks and heavy suitcases can increase your fuel costs. road-tripping-the-planet-3.jpg
  3. Get a tune-up. A vehicle running in tip-top shape will help to maximize your fuel economy. road-tripping-the-planet-4.jpg
  4. Drive nicely. Aggressive driving, such as speeding up and braking sharply, can burn more gas. road-tripping-the-planet-5.jpg

You can take your planet-friendly driving a step further when you become a Green Mountain Energy customer in Texas and sign up for Green Mountain Driver. For only an additional $4 a month, you can offset your vehicle’s driving emissions and help reduce your carbon footprint. Start ridin’ clean today!

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