Recycling Now Has a New Benefit: Fighting Poverty

Ever wondered what that envelope in your welcome kit was when you signed up with Green Mountain Energy? That envelope represents another positive change Green Mountain customers are making for the greater good.

For over 3 years now Green Mountain has partnered with Recycle To Eradicate Poverty to help lift people out of extreme poverty by recycling our customers’ and employees’ cell phones. Green Mountain includes a postage paid envelope, which our customers can use to send their old cell phones for recycling, in each welcome kit we send out.  Each cell phone earns a nominal fee that is then donated to Chiapas International. Green Mountain customers have donated over 6,000 phones, raising $15,000 to date for this organization.  This has helped over 300 families get out of extreme poverty.

I was shocked to learn that one cell phone can contaminate 35,000 gallons of water by leaking toxic substances!  Electronics like cell phones should always be recycled properly instead of trashed.  And if you’re planning to recycle, why not help change lives too?

If you have old cell phones to donate, go to and request a mailing envelope to be sent to you at no cost.


About Chiapas International

Chiapas International is dedicated to the mission of alleviating poverty in Latin America by fostering economic independence in women through microfinance programs.  It has provided more than $4 million for microfinance loans that make it possible for women in poor families—who typically live on less than $2 dollars a day—to earn much needed income and rise above the poverty level. With a loan as small as $50, women can buy chickens and sheep to raise, plant trees to produce and sell fruit, purchase a corn grinder to make tortillas for the market, or buy cloth to create and sell handicrafts. The loan repayment rate is a remarkable 98 percent. As a result, women are able to save for the future, invest in their children's education, and raise families in healthier environments.

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