Recycling Facts, Do's, and Don'ts to Avoid Wishcycling

By now most of us know about recycling and its many benefits for people and the planet. But there are a few gray areas that still exist. Since recycling rules vary from city to city, you’ll want to know what’s acceptable in your local area. Be careful not to make assumptions or wishcycle. Wishcycling is placing an item in a recycling bin with good intentions, but without knowing whether it belongs there. This practice is responsible for contaminating the recycling stream. Some items are tricky enough to leave even recycling pros in need of a refresher — that’s why we’re here to help.

There’s a home for everything.

Every item may not be recycled the same way, but there’s normally always a place for it. If you’re unsure about where an item belongs, remember that even a small amount of contamination can turn a recycled pile into a trash heap. For even more recycling tips, check out our blog Make something new again by recycling.

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