Real vs. Fake: The Ecological Holiday Dilemma

Green your holiday season this year by picking a Christmas tree that’s better for the environment.  So, which should you choose: real or fake?

The answer is… real.  Although real trees are cut down each year and used temporarily, tree farms keep land forested that might otherwise be barren.  Real trees can also be recycled into mulch or biomass fuel by your city.

Even though fake trees are reusable, they’re made out of PVC vinyl which emits toxic fumes while being manufactured. Some fake trees also contain lead dust that can fall onto gifts set below them. About 85% of fake trees are transported thousands of miles from Asia, and simply take up space in our landfills after disposal.

Want to go the extra mile?  Visit a sustainable tree farm that doesn’t use pesticides, and buy a live tree which you can plant after Christmas.

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