How to Avoid Phantom Energy Loss

Fall is here, but amidst the pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters, there could be energy-wasting phantoms hiding in plain sight. October is Energy Awareness Month, and the perfect time to remember that saving energy isn’t just easier on your wallet, it’s better for the planet. We’re here to help rid your home of energy-inefficiency to make this spooky season the greenest one yet. Read on below, and let’s bust these ghosts together.

Paranormal energy peaks in energy usage can haunt you out of nowhere. If your energy usage is higher than usual, you may have an energy-wasting phantom in your midst. Conducting a home energy audit can show you how much energy your household uses so you can evaluate the best actions to take for a more energy-efficient home. Ready to give it a try? Conduct your own home energy audit with these steps.

Turning your thermostat on and off can be an invitation to energy-wasting ghouls. When you turn the system back on, it works harder to restore the desired temperature, consuming more energy. You can counter this fear with a programmable thermostat. Once properly installed, this eco-friendly tool can help you save over $100 a year on energy costs by efficiently regulating your home's temperature. You can also take your sustainable savings further by upgrading to a full smart home system.

Closing vents in empty rooms creates an imbalance in airflow, causing your heating system to work even harder. Leave your vents open to let the energy-wasting spirits out and keep your system running greener and more efficiently.

Beware of electronics silently wasting your energy. Even if your device is off, it could still be consuming power. We call this vampire power, but fear not, there are simple solutions to fight it. The right power strip can make it easy to keep these inefficient phantoms at bay.

Unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use helps, too. It’s especially beneficial when you’ll be away from home for a while or for appliances you just don’t use frequently.

Switching to LED bulbs can help your home save energy daily, but you don’t have to stop there. Being diligent about turning lights off when you go out or leave a room is an easy way to help the planet by staying more energy efficient. Plus, what’s better than ghost stories by candlelight?

Now that you’ve busted your energy-wasting phantoms, take your impact further by signing up for a 100% clean electricity plan and get into the spirit of sustainability this Energy Awareness Month.

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