How to Have the Perfect Eco-Friendly Summer Evening in Your Own Backyard

Whether it’s date night, family night or girls’ night, your backyard is the perfect canvas for wherever your imagination can take you. And when you’re powered by 100% renewable energy, your perfect summer evening can help make a brighter future for everyone.

Here are a few simple ideas that’ll take your summer evening to the next level.


There’s a reason why every evening party Pinterest board has a whole section dedicated to lighting. Well-executed lighting is fundamental to setting the mood for your outdoor get-together. Thankfully, it’s also very easy to pull off and make it look good. String up energy-efficient LED lights over your patio area and place a few candles on your outdoor tables to turn a backyard hang into a wonderland of twinkling stars.

Just like when you were kids, you can have more fun when there’s a group activity to participate in. One of our favorites is to set up a TV and a gaming console for a little video game action. There are head-to-head games that involve racing and fighting, but we’re bigger fans of music and rhythm games that get the whole family feeling like rock stars.

Speaking of outdoor TV, one of the most versatile outdoor decorations is a projector. Set one up outside for a DIY movie night or project some fun visuals to add a little dimensionality to the scenery.

There’s nothing that’ll set the tempo for the evening like a well-curated playlist full of your favorite summer tunes. You could spend a little time to curate it yourself or search your favorite streaming app to see if somebody else did all that hard work for you. Either way, crank up the speakers and let the good times roll.

After everything’s ready to go and the vibe is perfect, it’s time to kick back and start making beautiful memories.

When you choose a 100% renewable energy plan from Green Mountain Energy, your special summer moments aren’t just memories that’ll last a lifetime – they’re helping to ensure a greener future. And though time flies when you’re enjoying the evening with the ones you love, make sure to savor every brilliant moment as you watch your backyard come alive in ways you never thought it could, all powered by electricity that’s good for your home and the planet.

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