Naughty vs. Nice – A Story of Coal

What do naughty children get in their stocking? A lump of coal, of course! But you may want to avoid coal more often than just the holiday season. That dirty piece of coal is barely enough to run a 100-watt light bulb for 3 hours; in fact, you’d need about 714 pounds of coal to power the light bulb year round.

And you get more from that coal than just electricity. Burning 714 pounds of coal also puts about 5 pounds of sulfur dioxide into the air, which causes acid rain, and the same amount of nitrous oxide, which causes smog. Plus, don’t forget about the carbon dioxide emissions – about 1,850 pounds worth – that contribute to climate change. That’s not a very thoughtful present, is it?

Green Mountain Energy Company customers can rest easy on the ‘nice’ list by continuing to support clean, renewable energy which comes from non-polluting sources such as wind. What a great holiday gift to give the planet!

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