Make Fall the Season for Sustainability

Cooler weather is blowing in, and leaves are changing colors—the fall months have arrived. Use this time to turn over a new leaf when it comes to sustainability. Find tips and ideas to get you moving toward an autumn focused on sustainability.

  1. With school back in session, you’ll probably see idling yellow buses lined up waiting for students. Talk with your school district about a no-idling policy to decrease pollutants in the air and to reduce wasted fuel. The EPA provides useful information to get you started. make-fall-the-season-2.jpg
  2. The possibilities are endless when it comes to being spooky and ghoulish with a touch of green during Halloween. Be creative by making handmade costumes using upcycled materials or by constructing window decorations using recycled paper. Healthy treats like raisins, trail mix or a piece of fruit are eco-friendly trick-or-treat options. make-fall-the-season-3.jpg
  3. Let leaves give you a two-for-one this fall. Spend an afternoon piling them up, jumping in and feeling like a kid again. Once you’ve had your fill of fun, use the leaves as compost in your flower beds and garden. You’ll free up landfill space while nourishing your outdoor plants. make-fall-the-season-4.jpg
  4. Try walking or biking wherever you are headed. Whether it’s a trip to school, a lunch break at the office or a quick run to the grocery store, consider leaving the car behind; you’ll enjoy the beautiful outdoors while minimizing CO2 make-fall-the-season-5.jpg
  5. Promise the planet you’ll put away the power tools for weekend yard work. Use manual shears for trimming bushes and trees and rakes for cleaning up leaves. make-fall-the-season-6.jpg
  6. Visit a farmer’s market to try the season’s fruits and veggies. It might inspire a new way of thinking when it comes to how you eat. Local Harvest helps you find farms close to home. make-fall-the-season-7.jpg
  7. Weatherize your windows using shutters, weather stripping or an insulated drape. These simple solutions can help keep heat in and save energy.  make-fall-the-season-8.jpg

Remember that being good to the planet doesn’t have to last for just one season. When you choose 100% pollution-free electricity, you’ll be sustainable year-round—using clean energy that’s produced from renewable sources that are virtually inexhaustible.

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