Make Change, Not Waste App Puts Green Living at Your Fingertips

Do you ever wish you had a personal assistant to help make eco-friendly choices for you?  Well you'll be happy to learn that there's a new mobile app that puts green living right at your fingertips.  The “Make Change. Not Waste” mobile iPhone application, powered by our partners Whole Planet Foundation and BlueAvocado,  provides incentive for individuals to “live green” by selecting actions from a catalog of green lifestyle behaviors to incorporate into their daily routine.  Users are then rewarded for their lessened environmental impact with coupons for products from leading green brands redeemable at Whole Foods Market.  And, some of the eco-tips came directly from yours truly - Green Mountain!

Here’s how it works:
Users can perform a “Green Check In” on the app from a catalog of more than 40 green living actions, categorized into Transportation, Energy Efficiency, and Reduce Refuse. These actions include using reusable shopping bags, using reusable water bottles, donating clothing, recycling paper, and so many more!  Each time a customer checks in an action they performed that day, they earn credits toward unlocking a variety of badges and coupons. After a customer has performed at least 10 green actions, they can unlock coupons for leading green brands like Whole Foods Market, BlueAvocado, Stonyfield, and more!

This app gives users the opportunity to create a better future for the planet and invest in making a real difference. Keep tabs on your environmental impact and be rewarded for going green. Or, you can donate a percentage of the coupon you earn back to Whole Planet Foundation to help fund microlending projects around the globe.

Download the app today!

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