Lock In Your Rate In Just Minutes!

Securing your rate for 12 months is as easy as logging into the new My Account portal.

Did you know that if you’re currently on a variable month-to-month plan for your Green Mountain Energy® electricity service you can easily switch to a Reliable Rate plan through Green Mountain’s new My Account portal? Take a few minutes to lock in your rate for 12 months and protect yourself from price increases. With our Pollution Freesm Reliable Rate plan, the rate will not change for 12 months except as a result of changes in laws, regulations, or government-approved charges and fees. There is no additional cost to make this change and the switch is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the My Account portal of greenmountainenergy.com.
  2. Select the Products & Services tab.
  3. Locate your current product in the chart of the bottom of the page and select Change Product.
  4. Enjoy rate security for 12 months!

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