Letting Mother Nature Lead the Way With Biomimicry

Let’s begin with biomimicry. Biomimicry is a way of solving the world’s problems by looking to a source that already has the answers: Mother Nature. When it comes to creating sustainable solutions for people, innovators are letting nature be their teacher. After all, nature has a 3.8-billion-year track record of providing a sustainable way of life for plants, animals and microorganisms. Check out a couple of ways that innovators are using their learnings to solve challenges:

Generating Effective Wind Power with the Help of Whales

Researchers are emulating the flippers of humpback whales and taking the design of wind turbines to the next level. The whale’s extreme agility is the result of its flippers, which have enormous bumps called tubercles. Duplicating the pattern of tubercles in design processes presents new possibilities for advancing the performance of wind turbines.

Looking to Prairies to Grow Better Food

Research organizations are developing sustainable farming solutions, using natural prairies as an example. Prairies flourish year after year without the help of people, pesticides or fertilizer. Researchers are developing non-GMO perennial grains that mimic the productiveness and stability of prairies. These agricultural advancements have the potential to give us all a healthier food future.

We can all learn something from nature to help create a more sustainable planet for future generations.

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