Kick-Start Your Day the Planet-Friendly Way

Between downing some Java and getting to your job, there’s definitely still time for taking an eco-initiative in the mornings. Adding one to two earth-friendly habits to your daybreak routine will bring some feel-good green peace to you all day long.

  • Ensure your cup of joe is organic or sustainably harvested. Look for companies that focus on responsible use of our natural resources. Also, say “no” to disposable coffee cups. kick-start-your-day-the-planet-2.jpg
  • When packing your midday meal, be sure to use a reusable lunch container that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, such as BPA, lead or PVC.
  • Be water smart during your getting-ready routine. Bathing and sink time are good places to start becoming mindful about how much H2O you are using.
  • Eat organic and local food for breakfast. Eating locally helps cut the pollution and CO2 emissions required for food transportation.  kick-start-your-day-the-planet-3.jpg
  • Use organic- or plant-based products for all your primping needs to avoid The Dirty Dozen Ingredients in Personal Care Products.
  • When it comes to the shirt on your back, consider outfits from resale shops or second-hand stores. Or become part of the bamboo clothing
  • Avoid driving your own car for the daily commute. Instead, use public transportation or ride your bike. If you must drive into work, be sure to drive the speed limit so that you maximize gas efficiency.  kick-start-your-day-the-planet-4.jpg
  • When starting a spin cycle as you head out the door, choose the cold water setting on your washing machine. It’s like choosing the energy-saving option.
  • Unplugging is the best defense against vampire power. Your favorite gadgets, gizmos, chargers and computers should be unplugged before you leave for the day so they don’t continue to pull power while in standby mode.  kick-start-your-day-the-planet-5.jpg

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last!

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