How to Live Green

Clean energy is just one part of the solution to build a less carbon-intensive world, and there are many other opportunities to become greener. We’ve selected some of our favorite products and services that support sustainability, to help jumpstart your green living!

Home Goods
Meet MightyNest, the membership service that helps you find, and shift to, more sustainable household options. From kitchen supplies to children’s toys, MightyNest promises items that are made with real materials and safe ingredients to create less impact on our planet.

Tech Accessories
Compostable, cute, and available for almost every smart phone — let us introduce you to Pela. These phone cases help eliminate another plastic purchase while still ensuring your phone stays safe. Plus, with 5% of total sales going towards environmental causes, you can make a difference just by purchasing this tech necessity.

At Green Mountain Energy, we believe in the power of sustainable energy, and we’re excited to continue to find brands and businesses that support a sustainable lifestyle, too. Whether it’s finding ethical clothing brands or replacing disposable coffee cups with a reusable tumbler, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and expand our impact beyond solar and wind power.

We update this list monthly—so check back soon, for more ways to get involved and make a sustainable shift!

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