Helping You Recover From an All-Nighter

Whether the cause was tending to a fussy baby, finishing a report for work, cramming for mid-terms, sorting boxes for an upcoming move, partying for too long or plain old worrying, we’ve all pulled an all-nighter and experienced the symptoms that accompany a sleepless night.

Use these tips to help you recover from that long, sleepless night.

  • Don’t succumb to the carb cravings. When your body is telling you to reach for a doughnut or a slice of pizza, resist and opt instead for lean proteins, veggies and foods with natural sugars, like fresh fruit.
  • Take a stroll. Moving around helps with alertness and gets your creative juices flowing.
  • Regulate your coffee intake. You don’t want to crash and burn by overdoing it with caffeine, so have a single cup after waking up and then a second upon arrival at your job. Make sure your last cup of coffee is early in the afternoon so the caffeine doesn’t keep you up past your much-needed bedtime. helping-you-recover-from-all-night-2.jpg
  • Keep H2O within reach. Dehydration causes fatigue, so you definitely want to drink plenty of water.
  • Work strategically. You’ll be most productive early in the day, so take on your hardest tasks first and save the automatic-pilot work for later in the day.
  • Power nap. If you can manage to sneak in a 20-minute nap, do it. It will refresh you for a few hours. helping-you-recover-from-all-night-33.jpg Because all-nighters can happen for a variety of reasons, we have plans to fit every lifestyle. You can choose clean energy AND score free electricity every night with the Pollution FreeTM All Nighter 12 plan.

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