Your Guide To Sustainable Tailgating

Football season is upon us, which means tailgating, one of America’s favorite pastimes, is making its comeback.

To borrow from Joe Cahn, the self-proclaimed Commissioner of Tailgating, tailgating is “the last great American neighborhood.”

your-guide-to-sustainable-tailgating-2.jpg We’re particularly excited for the start of tailgating season because one of our customers, Sundance Square, is hosting ESPN College GameDay LIVE on Aug. 29-30. This popular pregame show is broadcast nationally and will preview the Cowboys Classic at AT&T Stadium in Arlington between Florida State and Oklahoma State.

Since 2011, we’ve supplied Sundance Square with cleaner energy, so it’s great to know we’re helping to green up one of the most popular football programs in the country later this month! In addition, the broadcast returns to Sundance Square Jan. 12 ahead of the NCAA College Football Playoff championship.

With all this football and tailgating in mind, we think it’s fitting to provide some tips to green up your pregame tailgates.

  • Transportation: Reduce your carbon footprint by arriving at your tailgate via carpool. Or even better, use public transportation.
  • Materials: If possible, use biodegradable utensils, cups and plates so you can compost them. Try to avoid any single-use items.
  • Grilling: Grill with a propane tank. While propane is still considered a fossil fuel, it burns cleaner than charcoal or wood, making it more environmentally friendly.
  • Powered by Solar: Rather than power your tailgate with a fuel generator, why not use the power of the sun? Browse our wide variety of Goal Zero products on our specialty products store to see which products are suitable for your needs. Try the Lighthouse 250 Lantern.
  • Foods: It’s estimated that the average meal in the U.S. travels 1,500 miles before it gets to your plate. Can you imagine the carbon footprint? For your tailgate, buy local, seasonal foods. Perhaps stop by your local farmer’s market on the way to the game.
  • Planning: Plan ahead and coordinate tailgating purchases with your family and friends. This will help you buy in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic packaging you bring.
  • Labeling: Label waste receptacles at your tailgate (i.e. recycling, trash, composting, reuse) to encourage fellow tailgaters to make smart disposal decisions.
  • Photos: Be a trendsetter and take photos of your earth-friendly tailgate and share them on social media. Call it a #SustainableSelfie. This will encourage other people to follow your lead and it may begin a ripple effect.

As a bonus, here's a recipe you can try out at your next tailgate:

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