Green Your Super Bowl Party

This year, Super Bowl XLVI is expanding its “greening” efforts by scoring green power from Green Mountain Energy Company!

If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party at home, you can go green too by following these eco-tips.  No matter which blue and red team you’re cheering on, you can win in green.

  • Create paperless invitations- Send electronic invites rather than paper invitations to all of the party guests. Not only will it reduce paper waste, but it’s free and will also ensure faster delivery than snail mail. Use websites such as Evite, Punchbowl, or Facebook Events.
  • Purchase sustainable paperware or serve your dishes on reusable items- When purchasing tableware for the big game, keep an eye out for biodegradable products and check out your local supermarket or look online at Branch for compostable silverware. Also, instead of serving drinks in plastic cups, offer your guests beverages in a souvenir mug so they can leave the party with an awesome memento regardless of who wins the game.
  • Reuse and save your decorations to aim for zero waste- Decorate your home with old footballs and other sports gear, and reuse decorations from last year. Remember to save everything for next year’s big game.
  • Support local businesses- Try cooking all your party food rather than getting take-out. Buy local produce and vegetables for your homemade salsa, cheese and veggie trays, organic meats, and even local, organic beer.  Or consider organic treats from your local Whole Foods, Central Market, or farmers’ market.
  • Recycle, Recycle, Recycle- Don’t end up with trash bags the size of a pile up tackle! Create different bins for recyclable items (like plastic, glass and aluminum) and trash so your guests can make easy choices. Remember that items with food waste on them cannot be recycled, but you can use bio-degradable trash bags to be more eco-friendly.  If you compost, your empty cardboard pizza boxes can be thrown onto the pile, but make sure to cut or rip them into smaller pieces first.
  • Green up your own game with carbon offsets - You can take a page from the NFL and offset the environmental impact of your transportation and other day-to-day activities, like consuming electricity, by choosing one of Green Mountain’s carbon offset products.  Carbon offsets support projects that reduce or avoid carbon emissions.  For things that are hard to cut back on during a party, like electricity usage, carbon offsets are an easy way to go green.

While you're greening up the rest of the party, throw in some fun Super Bowl eco-facts to the conversation -  everyone loves football trivia! For example, what does 15 million kWh of renewable energy have to do with microwaved bowls of queso cheese dip?  Or what does an NFL defensive lineman have to do with the CO2 emissions avoided at Super Bowl XLVI?  Learn the answer to these questions and more here.

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