GoodGuide App Brings Eco-Friendly Purchasing to Your Fingertips

 Ever wish you had a personal shopper to help you determine the most eco-friendly brand-name products for yourself and your family? Now you can have one right on your smart phone.  GoodGuide provides consumers with convenient information about healthy, green, safe, and ethical products based on real ratings gathered and tested by a team of experts.  It was designed to address the consumer’s need for better information in the marketplace.

With GoodGuide, you are able to search and sift through thousands of products based on how healthy, green, and socially responsible the product is and how it matches up with your own personal filter. GoodGuide provides a rating for over 140,000 different products ranging from food and toys to personal care and household products. With the simple rating system based on sophisticated, scientific analysis, consumers are able to easily see the best and worst products in every category.

Take GoodGuide on the go by downloading the iPhone app where you are able to scan products at the store to instantly get the informative ratings to help you shop more responsibly.

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