Enroll In Paperless Billing & We’ll Plant Trees!

This Earth Month, Green Mountain Energy employees are undertaking a 30-Day Sustainability Challenge to make a green habit stick. You can join in, too, simply by signing up for Tree Free billing today.

How big of a difference can paperless billing make?

If we reach our goal of 100,000 customers going paperless for all of their households’ bills, that would be like saving 6,000 trees over the course of a year.

If the entire Green Mountain community went paperless for all their bills, we could prevent an estimated 24,000 trees from being cut down every year. That’s 89.2 million lbs of wood left standing!

It could also avoid 1.4 million lbs of carbon dioxide emissions every year, which is like not driving 1.7 million miles.

To help show encouragement for our customers to go paperless, Green Mountain will be planting trees at schools in Texas through a non-profit.

We want to help make Texas a beautiful (and green) place to learn, work and play!

If you’re a Texas customer, it’s easy to sign up for Tree Free billing in My Account. Otherwise, reach out to your utility to find out more about their e-billing options.

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