Energy Efficiency Saves You Money!

How would you like to save an extra $275 this year?  Saving is simple if you make just a few changes in your household to be more energy efficient.

Check out these annual savings you could achieve through energy efficiency*:

  • Wash Full Loads of Dishes: $10
  • Tune Up and Maintaint Your A/C: $50
  • Turn Water Heater Down 1°: $20
  • Switch 5 Standard Bulbs to CFLs: $60
  • Wash Laundry with Cold Water: $35
  • Turn Thermostat Up 1°: $100

And it doesn’t stop there.  For more tips on ways you can save energy at home, visit Green Mountain’s Energy Saver Center.

*Average annual savings resulting from each change; source: Nexus Energy TX Average

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