Eco-Friendly Is Cool for Going Back to School

Be green while getting ready for when the school bell rings. Back-to-school season has arrived. Make the grade when it comes to protecting the planet.

You can be eco-cool when gearing up for class. Use sustainable supplies, eco-friendly transportation and planet-friendly gear for everything you need.

Use these tips to score high marks on your planet-friendly report card.


Buy supplies that can be recycled or were made from recycled materials (like pens, notebooks, paper, pencils and gear-storage cases). Biodegradable pens have hit the scene, along with binders made from recycled paper (versus plastic). If plastic is the only binder option, be sure to find ones labeled PVC-free.


Cut down on waste in schools by bringing your own lunch. Use reusable lunch boxes and food containers (skip ones containing PVC), and buy in bulk for your snack attack.


Nix single-serve water bottles and go for reusable ones instead. Be sure they are BPA-free.


Invite neighbors and friends to a school-gear swap party. Uniforms, backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes and unused school supplies are great exchange options. Your kiddo might finally get a backpack just like his/her BFF’s.


You’ll score extra credit for walking or riding your bike to school. If individual driving is a MUST, turn off your engine in the drop-off/pick-up line (idling creates more smog).


School’s got plenty of great subjects. For today, focus on reading and check out the blogs The Season of Supplies Is Blowing In and Kick-Start Your Day the Planet-Friendly Way for more back-to-school eco tips.

The start of school wouldn’t be official without homework. Your assignment is to power your home with 100% pollution-free electricity. Choosing wind and solar power for your energy needs can help protect the planet. Get an A+ by signing up today.

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