Don’t Pack up Your Green Habits on Moving Day

Moving season, also known as summer, is kicking off. Are you one of the lucky ones starting the new-home adventure? If so, stick to your eco-friendly lifestyle, and don’t let your green habits get boxed up on moving day. Remember these earth-friendly ideas as you plan, sort, organize and wrap.

  1. Hire an earth-conscious moving company. Shop for a company that
    • Drives a truck fleet fueled by biodiesel.
    • Offers electronic paperwork.
    • Uses biodegradable and/or recyclable packing materials.
    • Supplies plastic, reusable crates instead of boxes.
    • Offers electronic recycling services.
  2. Lighten the load. Get rid of what you don’t need or aren’t using anymore. Be sure to find a recycling program that can take your items or a charitable organization that could use the goods.
  3. Don’t purchase packing materials. Your towels, rags, sheets, sofa cushions, pillows and even your scarves can be padding for your breakable items.
  4. Say no to new boxes. Go on a box hunt at your local grocery store, retail warehouse, restaurant or pharmacy.
  5. Opt for reusable containers instead of boxes. Creating less waste while protecting your belongings from the elements, should rain strike on moving day, is a smart move.
  6. Sign up for a renewable energy plan from Green Mountain Energy. You’ll get
    • Electricity produced from 100% clean resources, such as wind and solar power.
    • Satisfaction knowing you are making a positive impact on carbon dioxide emissions.
    • An affordable, renewable energy plan that preserves and protects the environment for future generations.
    • A trip down easy street (that happens to be painted green). We’ll handle disconnection of service at your old address and make sure you have service at your new home on your move-in date.

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