DIY Gifts that Help the Planet

Doing right by the planet isn’t limited to making eco-friendly purchases during the holiday season. You can also use the holidays to level up your DIY gift-making game. Try creating memorable homemade gifts that keep waste out of landfills and support the production of sustainable organic materials. If you’re ready to get started, crack open the eggnog and turn up the holiday tunes – here’s how to DIY for the earth this season.


You can make everything from scented lotions and beard balm to body scrubs and home fragrances with planet-friendly organic essential oils. A quick internet search of organic essential oils will yield many companies offering USDA certified organic products. Choose organic and sustainably sourced products to create full spa sets and beauty gifts.


For a planet-friendly two-for-one, try a homemade reed diffuser. Not only can you use organic essential oils – you can also upcycle a ceramic or glass container. A small vase or vintage bottle are both great options for homemade diffusers. Or hunt down something unique at a yard sale or thrift store.


Less than 35% of glass is recycled, and that means a lot of glass ends up in landfills. Wine bottles, mason jars – any glass, really – can be turned into a keepsake gift by customizing glass with glass-etching cream and stencils. Create a personalized mason jar glassware set or etch a winter scene on empty pasta jars to create hurricane-style candle holders.


But you can do more than just etch glass. With a few simple tools you can create pendant lights from glass bowls and even a tequila-bottle hummingbird feeder. (Maybe you could make a gift or two for yourself, amiright?)


Everyone talks about plastics clogging the oceans (and that’s a serious problem), but did you know 92 million tons of fabric are thrown into landfills every year? Imagine a garbage truck full of textiles being buried in the earth every second. You can do your part to cut down on textile waste by upcycling any fabrics you aren’t using.

Have you ever accidentally shrunk a wool sweater? That’s the perfect place to start! There are hundreds of easy felting projects online, from arm warmers and shawls to adorable little stuffed animals.

And if you’ve got a sewing machine, here are 100 ideas for transforming fabrics around the house into wearable gifts. There are so many patterns for every kind of gift imaginable, so check out Pinterest for upcycled clothing DIY ideas.


When it comes to being earth-friendly during the holiday season, make DIY gifts that your friends and family will actually enjoy receiving. Want to do more for the planet? Check out our energy-saving tips in Make Your Holidays Clean and Green.

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