Look at What Our Customers Did in 2021!

Thanks to our customers' commitment to clean energy, more than 8.7 billion pounds of CO2 was prevented from entering the atmosphere in 2021 alone. Let us break that down in more relatable terms.

Here's to making an even bigger impact in 2022!

We prevented so much CO2 pollution in 2021 that we're excited to see what we'll do in 2022. With 100% renewable energy, our customers are making the planet cleaner and greener just by choosing clean electricity. Not signed up on one of our clean, green electricity plans? Sign up today! Renewable Energy Plans | Green Mountain Energy.

1Truck statistic based on the average pounds of CO2 generated per mile in the average pickup truck with a fuel economy of 18 miles per gallon.

2 Cross-country flight statistic based on the average pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated per passenger mile in a commercial airplane traveling a distance of 2,470 miles from Los Angeles, CA, to New York, NY.

3 Millennium Park statistic based on the gaseous density of CO2 and the total acreage of Millennium Park.

4 Coffee statistic based on the average annual usage of coffee makers and espresso machines as rated by ENERGY STAR.

5 Chocolate statistic assumes 3.5 pounds of CO2 emissions per pound of chocolate produced.

6 Light statistic based on replacing one incandescent light bulb for a 10-hour day withan LED light.

7 Brooklyn Bridge statistic based on the average pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated per mile driven in a car traveling the 1.1 mile distance over the Brooklyn Bridge.

8 Aluminum can statistic based on an average home usage of 2,000 kWh per month and the average carbon footprint of 1 pound of aluminum cans.

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