Customer Spotlight: Edris Yousefi

Editor’s Note: Green Mountain Energy customer Edris Yousefi is committed to living a sustainable life even beyond his purchase of renewable electricity. We’ve spotlighted him here to share his story and inspire other customers to adopt some of his “green” habits!

1. How long have you been a Green Mountain customer?

I have been a GME customer since I moved to Dallas, Texas in August of last year.

2. How much does a brand’s corporate social responsibility matter to you?

It’s equal to the service I receive, especially in the world of electricity, power, renewable energy, and our environment. Our planet and the people on it are all we've got and we need to take care of it so that we can continue to enjoy it. When a company doesn't show social responsibility it's hard justifying being associated or let alone being a customer to selfish brand culture.

3. Why does electricity matter to you?

From My Needs to My Netflix! Power is what keeps my food fresh and my apartment comfortable, what gives me the ability to get work done and to connect with my culture. When you start peeling back all the things you normally do that you aren't intentionally thinking about, it's scary to see how everything uses electricity and how much you need it! customer-spotlight-edris-yousefi-2.png


4. How do you practice sustainability at home?

Well, I must first admit, I received my lowest bill to date this past month! $28! I will give part of the credit to the recent great weather, but credit is also due to the following things I am always aware of:

  • NO AC Without Me - This might seem like a no-brainer, but I have friends that leave theirs running all day long even when they are not home. I am always very conscious of my AC, and if you’re not, then using a Google Nest Thermostat might be a great option so that it can manage it for you.
  • A Fan’s Best Friend - I am a fan of a fan, as it not only keeps the air fresh and circulating in my place but also helps keep it smelling great with candles/scents. If you use fans correctly, you can get away with not having to turn your AC down a few degrees. This also applies to when you're cooking and showering. Whenever my kitchen is fired up and the oven is going, I use my oven hood fan to absorb all the heat coming from my stove/oven. Same thing when I shower - I use my bathroom fan to help control the steam and not let it get to the rest of my apartment.
  • Out-of-Town, Power-Down - My father used to always unplug and turn off everything when we would go on family trips. Those traits have definitely been passed down to me as well -  with wedding season and summer vacations around the corner, I am spending a lot of time out-of-town. I'd rather spend my money on things I enjoy doing and not on electricity in an empty apartment when I’m gone for the weekend!

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