Cool Your Nest with Seasonal Savings

Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means! If you want to save energy on cooling this summer, we’ve introduced a new 100% wind plan that includes a super-efficient and easy-to-use Google Nest Learning ThermostatTM*.   The Nest thermostat learns what temperatures you like, automatically turns itself down when you’re away and can be controlled from your phone, tablet or laptop.

But that’s not all - as a special benefit to Green Mountain customers with the Nest, you can save even more energy with Nest’s new Seasonal Savings service starting in June 2013.  With Seasonal Savings, the Nest automatically fine-tunes the temperatures in your cooling schedule to be more efficient while keeping you just as comfortable.  You can change the temperature or adjust your schedule at any time, but Nest owners with Seasonal Savings can use 5-10% less heating and cooling that season**!

To take advantage of the service this summer, enroll on Pollution FreeTM Efficient with Nest by May 31, 2013.  You’ll receive an email with more info in June if your Nest finds opportunities to save you more energy with Seasonal Savings. Another round of Seasonal Savings will be offered later this year for the winter.  Learn more about Seasonal Savings from Nest >>

Don’t have your Nest yet?  Sign up today at, or Contact Us directly!



 ** Enrollment in Pollution Free Efficient with Nest is limited and provides one Google Nest Learning Thermostat per household. Thermostat quantities are limited. You must have a residential Texas, New York, Illinois or Pennsylvania service address to enroll in this plan. Thermostat not compatible with all HVAC systems. We recommend that you check the compatibility of your system online at before enrolling in this plan. If thermostat is not compatible, you may cancel this plan with no penalty as long as you notify Green Mountain within 90 days and return the Google Nest Thermostat in good condition.  A limited warranty is only provided by Nest, and except for that limited warranty, Green Mountain and Nest make no warranties. Green Mountain is not affiliated with Nest or the products and services it markets. View details of the Nest limited warranty at

 * This is an estimate provided by Nest based on a heating season field trial conducted with Nest beta testers in March 2013 to assess the effectiveness of Seasonal Savings.. Nest then used data from their heating season trial as well as weather projections to estimate savings for different parts of the country and for the cooling season. See Nest Seasonal Savings White Paper.

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