Celebrate National Dump the Pump Day

One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is through your choice of transportation. Biking, walking, carpooling or taking public transportation to and from work can reduce your carbon footprint and lessen traffic congestion, among other benefits.

There’s no better day to remember these choices than tomorrow during the 8th Annual National Dump the Pump Day, which encourages people to ride public transportation (instead of driving).

See how Green Mountain employees “dump the pump” every day:

“Given the right conditions -- living within 5 miles of the office, bike lanes or good public transportation -- it's amazing how quickly you can fall out of love with your car. I've tried to taking alternative commutes at least 60 days a year since 2006 because I'm either exercising my brain (reading on the bus) or body, and those are great ways to start and finish the work day.”

-Scott Havis, Solar Program Manager (Austin, Texas)

“What I like most about my bike commute is crossing the Hawthorne Bridge over the Willamette River and admiring the way river water changes color and texture each day. My daily outdoor pedal puts me in touch with the changing seasons and even if the winter is rainy, I often catch a spectacular early sunset on my way home.”

-Emily Rome, Event Coordinator (Portland, Oregon)

“I enjoy riding my bike to work for the exercise and the freedom, as well as the ability to avoid the crowded subways and lessen my impact on the environment. I’ve been riding my bike to our NYC office in the Flatiron District since June 2010.

-John Yand, New Business Development Manager (Northeast)

Feeling inspired?  Check out these resources and pledge to Dump the Pump!

•    American Public Transportation Association
•    CleanTechnica

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