Cast Your Vote for Clean Energy

There’s an environmental election taking center stage. Along what party lines are you aligned – clean energy or fossil fuel resources?

Green Mountain Energy and our customers see clean energy as the clear winner, and we’re campaigning to capture more votes.

Making a commitment to use clean electricity today can benefit the type of planet we leave behind for our future generations. And using renewable resources, such as wind and solar power, to generate electricity also has a number of environmental and economic advantages that we can benefit from today:

  • Carbon dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide aren’t emitted into the air, water or soil.
  • Land is not damaged as is the case with fossil-fuel extraction.
  • Renewable resources are unlimited.
  • Green job opportunities are created.
  • Many forms of renewable energy use little to no water.
  • Supporting a homegrown energy source helps secure America’s energy future.
  • The harmful effects of deforestation and pollution are minimized for future generations.
  • Clean energy aids in the fight against climate change.

More votes for electricity produced using renewable resources decrease the demand for dirty electricity generation. Don’t let traditional electricity generation remain the #1 industrial cause of air pollution in the U.S. (because of the reliance on coal as a fuel source). Cast your vote to support clean energy today!

Here’s how you can vote for the Clean Energy Party’s ticket:

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