Ask Super Earth: Installing a Drip Irrigation System

Here’s a recent Ask Super Earth submission from Katie regarding drip irrigation systems:

I would like to have a drip irrigation system installed in my yard. However, installing a drip irrigation system is much more expensive than installing a regular sprinkler system.  Can you recommend a reputable company/individual who is not only in this for profit but has a passion for saving water?  If I am going to invest in this, I want someone who knows what they are doing!

First off, a drip irrigation system is a large home improvement investment that requires “doing your homework” before going through with the final purchase and installation process. To help, Lowe's Home Improvement® and The Home Depot® provide customers with helpful guides on drip irrigation systems to ensure that customers have sufficient information to make the right installation decision.

In addition to helpful buyer guides, the Water IQ: Know your Water website run by the Texas Water Development Board provides both general information on water-efficient practices and specific information about water conservation efforts in your local community.  Be sure to visit the Water IQ website to find important information about drip irrigation systems that might be provided by your specific water supplier.

It’s understandable to want a company that has a passion for saving water and knows what they’re doing but you may also want a company that’s dedicated to customer service, can guarantee you a quality installation, and even fix any problems that might occur during the installation process. Researching drip irrigation systems and knowing the level of service that different installation companies provide will help to ease the decision making process for you. Thanks for your submission and for being water-conscious!


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