Ask Super Earth: For solar power on a budget, buy outdoor solar lights

Welcome to the Ask Super Earth Series! Here I’ll be giving some green advice and answering any renewable energy questions our Cleaner Times readers might have.

Here’s a question about affording solar power on a budget:

“Hey, Super Earth. Installing rooftop solar panels on our starter home was first on the to-do list but we have a baby on the way and I don’t think solar panels will fit in the family budget anytime soon. We love solar power and really want our child to grow up in a green home so some advice on this dilemma would be much appreciated. Thanks Super Earth!”


In reply to this question, I’d like to start by saying that you don’t need rooftop solar panels to raise a child in a green home. With that, feel free to view our tips on keeping your home a green home once the new baby arrives. If you love solar power but can’t afford rooftop solar panels at the moment, consider purchasing solar garden lights for your backyard. While not the same as rooftop solar panels, some outdoor solar lights will at least let you have a solar powered backyard!

Lastly, if the upfront cost of installing rooftop solar panels is what’s holding you back from making your starter home solar powered, consider looking into a Green Mountain Solar lease. With several flexible payment options available for a new solar PV system, a Green Mountain Solar lease allows you to select the payment option that works best for you and your budget. Thanks for your question and congratulations on the new baby!


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