These Four Creatures Are Naturals at Helping the Planet

As humans, we get to share our planet with some pretty incredible animals. Check out some of our favorite creatures that are all-stars at being kind to the environment.


1. Llamas

First things first—llama is pronounced “yama.” Who knew? These magical creatures have been used for mountain exploration by the Andean people for centuries thanks to their unique ability to flourish in high altitudes. Their tracks are extremely low impact, leaving barely any trace on wilderness trails.1 


2. Monkeys

You probably already know that monkeys often live in forest habitats. What you may not know is that these furry friends scatter the seeds of fruits and plants as they are darting around looking for food. This helps to continuously revive their surrounding environment.2 


3. Dolphins

These caring creatures eat many kinds of squid and fish, which results in their bodies housing possible ocean contaminants. By observing dolphins, scientists can help preserve the ocean by having a better understanding of its contamination levels.3 


4. Bees

These tiny but powerful pollinators help bring color to our diets. We have bees to thank for pollinating and transferring seeds so that plants can create food. Yes to more strawberries, blueberries, avocados and more!4

These animals are doing their part for the environment. Want to join them? It's easy. Join our crew by choosing 100% clean electricity for your home.

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