9 Tips to Power the Holidays Differently this Year

We know the holidays are going to be different this year, so we've started our holiday countdown early. To help you get a jump-start on festivities, here are some new, sustainable holiday traditions that will help the planet.


TIP #1: Make DIY, sustainable gifts.

Schedule a family craft night to make sustainable holiday gifts starting right in your kitchen. Whip up some avocado bath bombs or beeswax candles that are free of paraffin and other toxic chemicals.

TIP #2: Gift back to the planet.

Start an annual dedication to your loved ones by having a tree (or up to 500) planted through A Living Tribute. This choice gives back to the planet and has many natural benefits like cleaning the air and water.

TIP #3: Wrap your gifts sustainably.

Make a tradition of using eco-friendly wrapping paper. Wrap gifts with old recycled newspapers or maps, keeping in mind that using locally printed newspapers is best because it cuts down on toxic transportation impacts.


Tip #4: Host an outdoor get-together — with only a few guests.

Turn off the stove and have a holiday cookout – not only will you reduce electricity usage when it comes to cooking, but you'll also decrease your usage on lighting and heating your home. Plus, hosting a smaller bash means having a smaller impact on the planet due to less food waste and fewer people on the road.

Tip #5: Throw a virtual holiday party — with everyone you know.

Skype and Zoom parties are safe, create zero waste and makes a new tradition for connecting with long-distance loved ones.

Tip #6: Send holiday tidings on social media.

Start a zero-emissions tradition by sending holiday pictures, videos or messages over social media. And don’t forget digital cards — another sustainable way to share holiday greetings.


Tip #7: Focus on the foods you purchase.

Buying local and seasonal food will help the community (by supporting local agriculture), the planet (by cutting down on transportation and storage) and your taste buds (by providing organic and fresher options).

TIP #8: Cook smaller meals.

Did you know the average household throws away close to 30% of the food it buys? During holidays, that amount increases. So, commit to avoiding food waste this holiday season.

TIP #9: Maximize each recipe’s impact.

Go “zero waste” in your kitchen with recipes that use every part of each ingredient (like a lemon’s juice, pulp and peel). Also, avoiding meat and making vegetarian recipes is much more eco-friendly and shows major love for the planet.

We hope that although it will be different, you have a happy and healthy holiday season. For more information about living a green lifestyle, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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