9 Green Activities for Kids

Summer is the perfect season for some quality time with the kids doing green activities.

Parents and caregivers, don’t worry. We’re here to help with summer. With the break in full swing, you’ll need ideas for keeping the kiddos busy.

As you know, part of caring for the little ones whom you love is sharing what’s important to you. Doing green activities together demonstrates your passion for the planet.

Try these nine green activities with the young ones in your life. You’ll give them an eco-push in the right direction and show the planet a little love in the process.

Green activities for toddlers
  1. Plan a scavenger hunt at the park. Pick 5-6 it ems for them to find (bonus points if you walk to the park).
  2. Use peanut butter, birdseed and pine cones to make bird feeders.
  3. Play “turn off the lights.” Ask your little one to turn off all the lights when it’s time to leave the house (having a step stool nearby might come in handy).
Green activities for grade schoolers
  1. Visit an arboretum, farmer’s market or botanical garden.
  2. Find the perfect spot in the backyard for a new tree.
  3. Challenge them to reuse things. Find two items they planned to toss and ask them to figure out one more use for each item.
Green activities for teens
  1. Start screen-free Tuesdays. Challenge them to ditch the devices once a week and take a walk outside (with a friend!).
  2. Ask them to brainstorm more green activities their school could be doing, e.g., solar panels on the roof, recycling programs or efficient lighting (bonus points for submitting it to the principal during the first week of school).
  3. Volunteer for the day at a nature center.

It doesn’t take much to be eco-minded with the little ones in your life. Doing green activities together keeps them focused on a future with the planet in mind.

You can continue an awareness theme this summer by teaching kids to eat pick-me-up foods. Read the blog “Boost your summer mood using the right food” for great snack ideas.

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