8 Ways to Travel Smarter

Our planet offers beautiful blue waters and gorgeous green landscapes from continent to continent. Even if visiting a new destination didn’t make your New Year’s resolution list, you can’t go wrong with an adventure to see more of our magnificent Earth.

Use these smart travel tips on your journey:

  1. Watch for last-minute deals. Hotels often offer cheaper rates at the last minute. 8-ways-to-travel-smarter2.png
  2. Remember the stain remover. Because packing light is always a smart move, make sure to pack your trusty stain-removing pen (and dryer sheets help keep clothes smelling fresh in your suitcase).
  3. Shop locally. Experience local markets and fairs that offer sustainable souvenirs for purchase and native foods to sample.
  4. Drive early or late. Driving to your destination late at night or early in the morning will save you time because you’ll encounter fewer travelers on the road – just be sure you’re wide awake.  8-ways-to-travel-smarter3.png
  5. Be eco-friendly: A) when flying, book nonstop flights; B) pack your reusable water bottle; C) take advantage of public transportation and walking/biking trails; and D) stay at working farms that double as inns.
  6. Stay smart about calories. Limit alcohol consumption, snack healthy, take the stairs, enjoy a hike and swim in the nearest body of water.  8-ways-to-travel-smarter4.png
  7. Pack your conservation habit. Water and energy conservation will travel no matter what the setting – hotels, B&B’s, guest-houses and even hostels – so do your part.
  8. Take a timeout from technology to be in the moment. Stow your phone and power down the laptop. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with your traveling buddy or with Mother Nature.  8-ways-to-travel-smarter5.png

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