7 Ways to Do Festivals Sustainably

Festivals have a magical way of bringing together fans from all over the world who share a common passion. Whether you’re a music junkie, an art lover or a self-proclaimed foodie, you can make sure your next festival experience is full of good vibes for you—and the planet.

    1. Leave the Trees Out of It. Download the festival’s official mobile app or visit their website to check out maps and information. You can also opt for a mobile ticket instead of printing it. 7-Ways-to-Do-Festivals-2.jpg
    1. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag). Skip the plastic bags at the merch tent and bring a backpack or reusable tote for any purchases you make on-site.
    1. Put the “R” in Reuse. Stay fed and hydrated all festival long by packing bamboo utensils and a reusable water bottle. 7-Ways-to-Do-Festivals-4.jpg
    1. Put the Sun to Work. Bring along a solar-powered phone charger so that you can capture every epic moment. 7-Ways-to-Do-Festivals-5.jpg
    1. Green Your Transportation. Save the planet from CO2 emissions by riding a bike, carpooling with friends or taking public transit to the festival. If you’re flying, you can balance out your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets. [Carbon offsets] 7-Ways-to-Do-Festivals-6.jpg
    1. Buy Local. When it’s time to grub, consider buying food that is locally sourced. Simply ask the vendor before you buy. 7-Ways-to-Do-Festivals-7.jpg
    1. Be an Overachiever. If you really want to take your green efforts to the next level, recycle items and throw away litter that you see on the festival grounds. 7-Ways-to-Do-Festivals-8.jpg

    Outside of festival life, you can be a fan of the planet every day of the year. It’s easy. Just choose 100% clean energy for your place.

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